A hands on set of Ginspired creations that I’ve featured at various cocktail bars and events I’ve hosted over the last 20 years. Discover unique flavours and elevate your bar skills. Including a mini shaker, 6″ Gin & Tonic bar spoon, dried garnishes for that Instagram ‘wow factor’ and ingredients to make a Spanish Gintonica, Gina Colada, Espresso Martini & Lady ‘Daisy’ Chamomile

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3 Cockail Masterclass lasting 90 minutes

In your box

1 x 300ml Mini Shaker

1 x 6″ G&T Spoon

1 x 5cl Le Tribute Gin 43%

1 x 200ml Le Tribute Tonic

1 x 5cl Sir Edmond Gin 40%

1 x 5cl Galliano Ristretto 30%

1 x 6cl Solo Cold Brew

1 x 2cl Monin Speculoos syrup

1 x 5cl Poetic License Tropical Gin liqueur 21%

1 x 3.5cl Mr Fitzpatrick Lemongrass & Lime Cordial

1 x 288ml Rubicon Lychee Juice

1 x 310ml Aqua Coca Coconut Water

Selection of dried garnishes in bag

1 x How to taste spirits card

A5 tasting card

18 and over please Drink responsibly

I offer group Zoom virtual taste alongs based on minimum numbers (10 if under I charge a small Presentation fee)

I can create a non gin variety box or zero alcohol alternatives with flavour matching (Please drop me an email, I’m unable to provide a split box)


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